Sam Ng Chinese , b. 1999

Growing up in a fast-paced city, Ng is aware of the passage of time and learned how to depict time itself, to grasp back the belated feelings within a motionless frame. He portrays his observations of the constantly changing everyday life in his painting. He started studying the heaviness of everyday life by tearing off their semblance from phenomenon and imaginary. His work centres on the embodiment of lightness, through his care about tiny and trivial things, the heaviest sentiments come up with the lightest narrative in his work. To paint is to secure the significance of the ephemeral in everyday life, in his journey of reverie, nothing in reality has changed, but everything exists in a different way under his portraiture of the tiny and trivial things.
Quiet, lonely and peaceful, is the recurrent vein in Sam Ng's work. By refusing the exteriority, he often uses different undefinable shapes as a character of painting, drifting among his immense and glowing colour, to break down the line between figurative and abstract. He entrusts his sentiments to the ephemeral and builds his inner connection with every phenomenon.
Born in Hong Kong, Ng currently lives and works in London, UK.