Grant Foster b. 1982

Working across painting, sculpture, collage, and text, Grant uses irreverence as a tool to readdress the dogmatic traditions of the past and the present infallibility of reason. His work is best understood within the parameters of a historical and political framework, where the old collides with the new and the popular skews the classical.
Employing the ideology of collage to circumnavigate systems of logic, has has become aligned to the notion of associative flow. Where the experience of walking down a street can be understood as a sensory cut-up mediated by chance. Within the studio, Grant tries to create an environment where open, pluralistic connections are made between the sources that fuel the paintings. Eclectic in scope, they range from children's book illustrations, tabloid news photography, seaside arcade entertainment, drawings, and more recently astrology and cosmological charts and maps.
The intention is to challenge rational systems such as cause and effect, bypassing preconceived mechanisms of control. This process of free association enables an intrinsically analogue process to occur, where the paintings become contact points for an experience of the world that is multi-dimensional, baffling and often irreverent.