Lottie Stoddart British , b. 1989

Lottie Stoddart’s works are portals into the subconscious. Her interdisciplinary practice draws on literature, archaeology and childhood, plundering intervals of unfettered creativity, vision and belief. Stoddart layers humorous juxtapositions through materials and techniques; clunky crudity confronts refined sophistication, hard meets soft, reduced economic form abuts intricate detail. These sculptural or illusionistic dioramas exist under their own laws, providing a rostrum on which to enact scenarios that are dream-like converging on the nightmarish. Certain motifs repeat across her works; cartoon clouds intersect like a children’s puzzle, archaeological trenches reveal grave goods, threads weave in and out of monstrous forms, cardboard forests grow in subdued groves. The paintings, sculptures, animations and installations all coalesce to combine the cosy familiar with the uncanny.