Pandora Covell British , b. 2000

Painting is at the heart of her process, but she combines a multitude of processes which allows her to create a smorgasbord of digested ideas, colours, materials, thoughts and feelings. These can then be distilled, expanded, distilled again and re-expanded into calculated entropies.


"I see each individual element of my practice as a seed that has the ability to grow, this way of working provides me with the possibility to move freely, exist, shift and transform from one form of expression or given object to another. I am particularly interested in the digestion of ideas and creating a personal cosmology in which my own visual language feeds organically from one work to the next. This holistic way of working allows me to produce managed entropies of visual interconnectivity. I see the artist as a 'gatherer' - who observes, collects and finds interesting correlations between objects, materials, form, line and colour. I use my practice as a form of investigation which allows my thoughts and ideas to come to light, leading me to see expanded painting as a sort of vessel that has the ability to, combine and create new narratives and hold meaning. My work begins with listening and gathering separate bits of raw material out of which I paint and make. I don't have to know what it is for, I need only fill notebooks full of sparks for the imagination. To observe and to collect.


I want the organic and the artificial to interact in such a way to partly challenge the viewer, while simultaneously conveying my personal experiences among specific locations. I attempt to do this by translating work from one media to another. I stack layers, material and meaning on top of each other until the work becomes challenging to interpret."