Inam Zimbalista 1999

Inam Zimbalista is a multi-disciplinary practitioner working mostly in the fields of moving-image, installation, and photography. His creative output is deeply rooted in his profound curiosity about the core of human interaction and relationships.

Zimbalista finds inspiration in the nuanced emotions and ideas that permeate our day to day lives. Through a fictitious lens, he explores concepts of identity, social patterns, clichés, stereotypes, and the human perception of life. His artistic practice is attempting to serve as a catalyst for posing thought-provoking questions and instigating critical examinations.

Within his body of work, Zimbalista consciously tries to blur the boundaries of the moving-image medium. He harnessed its potential as a powerful tool for delving deeper into these intricate subjects. His artworks are imbued with narrative elements, employing a fusion of cinematic and artistic languages. By manipulating the conventions of storytelling, Zimbalista seeks to unravel the complexities of human experience and shed light on the multifaceted nature of our existence.