THE TAGLI's 01.23 Collection and Mentorship Award

After an overwhelming number of incredibly strong applications we are excited to announce the recipient of THE TAGLI's 01.23 Collection and Mentorship Award is Lottie Stoddart.

Lottie Stoddart is a London based artist whose interdisciplinary practice explores varied forms of enchantment. The works are enclosed realms; illusionistic, contained spaces where a residual story, memory, atmosphere plays out under its own internal laws. The use and depiction of humble materials in a reduced economy of form, plays with registers of familiarity and ubiquity. The rendering and use of varied materials in their collaged, shallow spaces hints at the unconscious and weird; from monstrous and mutating to celebratory and sensual, in a language that is playfully remembered, imagined, warped, reduced.

We can't wait to start nurturing this relationship and show the art world what this incredible artist has to offer.
April 12, 2023