Aylar Farrokhzād

Industry and Marketing Associate
In her role as The Tagli's Industry and Marketing Associate, Aylar seamlessly integrates architectural insight with marketing finesse. She is dedicated to delivering excellence at the nexus of design and marketing. With her creative prowess and strategic mindset, she is at the forefront of reshaping the landscape of design and marketing, introducing innovative solutions that set new standards.
Aylar comes from an architecture background. After having worked as a designer for a few years in both London and Barcelona she left the design world and opted for a career in marketing. In her most recent role, as Marketing and Campaign Executive at Handley-House, she worked with project teams and Directors in studios across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to create inspiring, insightful campaigns that generate awareness, drive client engagement and win new work. Her role was situated in the centre of a group of design businesses, from architecture and interior design, to placemaking and branded environments.