Evie Mae Jacobs British , b. 1995

Evie Mae Jacobs primarily works in painting. After graduating from Newcastle University with a BA in Fine Art, she had her first solo show at 1801 London in 2019. Since then, she has exhibited at 125 New Bond Street, The London Studios and major London art fairs. Evie also works closely with the fashion and beauty world and has ongoing collaborations with Dior and Guerlain. 
With a tender approach to painting, her work focuses on the relationship we have, as humans, to sensory experience. Using the traditional process of painting oil on canvas, she leans into the history of the discipline, whilst embracing contemporary methods of configuring her work.
Evie presents the human form as a soft landscape, where diaphanous fabrics and the figure, merge to become one. In exploring both the physical and metaphorical sense of softness, her practice delves into themes of comfort, dreams and human connection in many forms. With an approach that is governed by using slow and soothing techniques, Evie's work is characterised by having an echo of its process; its own sense of calm.