Bijanka Bacic Australian , b. 1997

To rethink the world and seek meaning through a visual language. Where an inscribed understanding can be accessed through a type of abandonment to the process. Allured by its forces of rule-making and rule-breaking, order and chaos. 
Perhaps then, each thought becomes a gesture and each gesture a thought. 
A beautiful paradox. 
Bijanka Bacic's paintings of energized lines and forms commingle in sensuous fields of colour, tempting the viewer into a surface that plays between the three paths of abstractions; the gesture, the figure and the geometry.  As each canvas engages with the subjectivity of painting, art history and our history through the analysis of the past and present. Centered around concerns within systems; combining different models with different contexts. An open-ended terrain, where her paintings operate on dialectic twists and turns, mixed in with the questions of power and resistance, chaos and order. Situating herself within these complex and paradoxical problems. Aimed not to create pictures but paintings.
She currently lives and works in London