Corrie Wingate British , b. 1974

As an artist, my background in travel photography has significantly influenced my artistic vision as a painter.  By drawing inspiration from different environments and cultures I continue to work with both the constraints and the freedoms of figuration whilst also exploring the necessary tension inherent in working with chance or the unknown.  Observational drawings and photographic imagery often serve as a foundation for creating figurative works that are rich with ambiguity, layers, and expressive mark-making. I apply abstract techniques to develop these works further, seeking to create paintings that offer a deeper emotional and psychological resonance beyond mere literal representation.
My painting style is heavily influenced by the German expressionists who demonstrated the emotional impact of color on a viewer.  My works often start with a single colour that dictates the tone and mood of the painting, which I then build upon. I also draw inspiration from the creative expression of children's artwork and the colour and light of Kenya, where I founded an art centre and live part time. 
Recurring themes of place, diaspora, and migration are central to my work. I am fascinated by the complex relationships between people and their environments, and how these relationships are shaped by history, culture, and identity. Whether through the use of colour, texture, or symbolism, I aim to create artworks that not only capture the essence of a place or a culture but also convey the emotions and experiences of the people who inhabit them.
Wingate currently lives and works between London, UK and Kenya.